Welcome to Mercia's EIS Fund

Please fill in your details and we will provide you with:

  • Application form
  • EIS Fund IM
  • KID
  • Allenbridge Review

If you have a client that you are considering recommending for our EIS fund and are seeking a specific net investment, the Mercia team at enquiries@mercia.co.uk will do the calculation to confirm the required gross subscription.

We encourage advisers and paraplanners to complete the digital application form on behalf of your client and submit it to enquiries@mercia.co.uk, after which time we will seek your client's electronic signature.

Once attached KID and IM have been reviewed the next steps are:

  • Adviser (or investor) to complete the digital application form and save it to your computer

  • Adviser (or investor) should email the completed form to enquiries@mercia.co.uk  

  • Shortly after it has been submitted, the investor will be asked to sign electronically.

We will subsequently confirm to the adviser that the form has been signed and that the application has been accepted. We do not need the original copy of the application form, nor are we likely to require any anti-money laundering documentation, and we prefer to received bank transfers, but cheques are accepted.

Our EIS fund has been independently reviewed and has received the highest accolades in the EIS industry.


The Mercia Team


0330 223 1430